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CSI Web Page Changes!

CSI will change its webpage sooner or later so we do apologize for unconvenient to update this webpage but please do keep in touch with this web as we will give our new website address. Thank you.

CSI Regular Projects

South Dagon (Education & Health)
Kyout Tan (Education & Health & Child Support)
Hlaing Thar Yar (Health & Elderly Support)
Oak Twin (Education)
Kun Chan Gone (Health & Child Support)

Want to know more about donation to these areas? Contact

CSI Membership

CSI reopens its membership form so please do join us for Cyclone Restoration work of our group.


Donor Organizations

Paung Kuu
Burnet Institute
University of Otagon in New Zeland
Myanmar Children Foundation
Grass Root Program
Oxford University Student Group
Foundation for People of Burma
Clift Hill Primary School (Gillian Fletcher)

Border Areas Development Association
NOW Community Group
Light House
Sarpae Law Ka
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