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Organization and Management

To be able to reach the goals and aims of Civic Society Initiative, our youth volunteer group manages to divide following teams:

  1. Health Team
  2. Social Team
  3. Education Team

To ease the suffering of Nargis Cyclone Victims

To help the needy people in educaiton or in social activities

To support their health and raise awareness towards health

To motivate volunteers’ team spirit, cooperation, organizing and strategic management skills

Current Activities

  • Hlaing Thar Yar project for social relief and health care
  • Oak Twin project for education
  • South Dagon Health Care Project
  • South Dagon Education Project
  • Za Bu Oak Shaung Education Project
  • Za Bu Oak Shaung Health Care Project
  • Kaw Mhuu project for education and health care
  • A visit to Mental-Health Hospital and Happy Heaven Humantarian Project 
  • Teachers’ Training for CSI volunteers and other CBOs
  • In-house Training for Health Team volunteers
Fund Raising
  • Collecting 1000 kyats every month from members.
  • Keeping a donation box in British Council Library.
  • Receiving donations from Donors.
  • Selling souvenirs and snacks.
Future Plans
  • To pay a regular weekly visit to Su Taung Pyait Parahita Monastery
  • To donate stationeries for monastic students
  • To visit Oak Twin for health care
  • To open mobile clinic for community health care and awareness in Kun Chan Gone and Kaut Muu Cyclone Affected Areas

Donor Organizations

Paung Kuu
Burnet Institute
University of Otagon in New Zeland
Myanmar Children Foundation
Grass Root Program
Oxford University Student Group
Foundation for People of Burma
Clift Hill Primary School (Gillian Fletcher)

Border Areas Development Association
NOW Community Group
Light House
Sarpae Law Ka
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