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Myanmar has suffered a serious attack by Nargis Cyclone which is probably the biggest threat in a hundred year time. Those victims suffer hazard threat of water shortage and lack of food due to the serious blow from Nargis Cyclone. This cyclone started at 2:08 am on 3rd May, 2008 and ended calmly at over 12:30 pm on that day. Though short time period, Myanmar people suffer serious blow both mentally and physically due to the damages and shortage of electricity. Nargis also causes several deaths and injuries to Burmese victims.

Our CSI volunteer group, as its main objectives is to help needy people and to save lives of those victims suffered by Nargis Cyclone, works intensively to help those victims inside Yangon to survive. Of course, CSI needs your collaboration and if you want to donate for those seriously suffered Nargis Cyclone Victims, contact following emails:

Or contact our open line: 95-1-536756, 95-9-5048488, 95-9-5181199, 95-1-254658(Ext-3316) 

Donor Organizations

Paung Kuu
Burnet Institute
University of Otagon in New Zeland
Myanmar Children Foundation
Grass Root Program
Oxford University Student Group
Foundation for People of Burma
Clift Hill Primary School (Gillian Fletcher)

Border Areas Development Association
NOW Community Group
Light House
Sarpae Law Ka
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